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Making money by monetizing your mobile traffic has never been easier

Affil4you provides a vast array of services to your mobile traffic visitors and can increase your revenue upwards of 5% or more! By monetizing your mobile traffic you will capture your audience attention with the most appropriate product that best suits what they were originally searching for rather than leading them astray. 

Let affil4you monetize your mobile adult traffic and discover its true value!

Generate revenue from mobile services with marketing tools such as…

Calque 5 

The Pop-Up

An effective alternative to mobile redirection: when this tool is implemented, a pop-up will be displayed promoting a corresponding product which is more compatible with the viewer’s search selection.

Calque 6

The Pop-In (floating banner)

The pop-in tool allows a promotional banner to be displayed at the header or footer of a mobile page creating a dramatic attraction of the viewer’s eye.

Calque 7

Mobile Mask

The mobile mask is a page displayed on top of your website providing content relevant to your niche in a mobile-compatible format. This tool involves no redirection and is simple to set up.

Calque 4

Redirection URL

A simple solution to drive your mobile traffic to a reliable source with 0 delay so that the viewer is none of the wiser that they’re visiting a different site than what they originally requested. Additional benefits of this tool include, but are not limited to, displaying your own banners, use of redirections scripts and displaying your own landing pages therefore providing you full control.

Calque 10

Optimized Banners

Displaying banner ads on your mobile site is made easy by our in-house design team creations. Providing consistently updated offerings with the highest “call to action” conversion rates based upon geo-targeting, up-to-date analyzation and customer demographics with proven ROI.

Calque 11


A script that when implemented on your mobile website will display products and services of interest if the viewer uses the backbrowser button on their mobile device to exit.

Calque 12

Android App

A tool developed to save your viewers time and enhance their overall experience of accessibility via a button that is displayed in their favorites menu, making future visits quick and easy.

Calque 8

Google-Friendly Template

A script that enables your web pages to be viewed on mobile devices in full compliance with Google's recommendations. The affiliate is responsible for selecting parameters, titles and videos, therefore providing a more custom approach.

Calque 1

WordPress Plugin

Converts your WordPress blog to a viewable format on a mobile device, enabling you the ability to offer solutions to monetize the traffic received with one of many service offerings. 

Calque 3

Smart Script

Say good bye to multiple installs between platforms and your code! Smart script only requires a 1 time installment. After which time you can make adjustments when and how you wish. This script also offers a cascade feature where multiple tools (determined by the affiliate) can be enabled therefore providing a better conversion ratio. Simply choose your marketing tool, add targeting rules such as geo or device and launch.

Calque 4

Redirection Script

An easy solution to not having a mobile version of your website online. Simply implement a redirection script promoting the content of your choice and reap the benefits of low cost, no maintenance monetization.  

With limitless, easy to implement service options:

1/ Choose what service best describes your needs or let us help you determine where things can be improved

2/ Select what traffic source you wish to target with your mobile traffic (demographic possibilities are endless)

3/ Implement the necessary script(s), tools and or functions applicable to get started

4/ Monitor your traffic conversions through our platform in real time stats