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Static banners

You can also retrieve the banners from our adserver statically (with no rotation) in the Banners tab in our marketing tools. We have a large catalog of around 10,000 banners, with all languages and sizes mixed in.
Offered langage
A code with the following form:

<a href="" ><img src="" alt="" title="" width="300" height="50" /></a>

It’s composed partially of a source image and of a link to the target site of your choice. 
Customization elements
  • Possibility of choosing to which site the traffic will be sent (so choice of product and universe). The optimized site is also available if no other criteria are specified.
  • Possibility of choosing a specialized niche for the banner for a mobile site for a VOD product. We have more than 70 niches available, in hetero or gay, hard or soft.
  • Possibility of choosing the level, the language and the size of the banner.
  • Possibility of tracking the statistics of the redirection method via the addition of a stat_tracker (example: a banner high on the page). 1000 different stats_trackers max.
  • Possibility of adding a subaffiliate_tracker if you need more trackers (for one tracker per visit, for example) 
Precautions for use
Some operators impose specific rules of conduct (like a maximum level for banners shown before the user declares his age). When you show banners you must respect these operator restrictions in each country. We recommend that you obtain precise information on what is allowed to be shown on your mobile sites.
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