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On each page where the script is installed, a click by the end-user opens an additional tab as a popup on the website page, offering our paid services.
For whom?
  • For those that want to monetize their website traffic and/or their mobile traffic.
  • For those that don’t want sudden redirection, but that already have a website (WordPress compatible).

Prerequisites: Have at least one mobile site in its affil4you synthesis (created by affil4you or in white label)

Customization elements
  • Possibility of choosing to which site the traffic will be sent (so choice of product and universe), with logo, colors, list of contents, SEO, etc.
  • Possibility of choosing where the popup will launch. By default, the popup opens at the first click on one of the elements on the page.
  • Possibility of limiting the triggering of the popup (configurable for a duration, no decimal). We place a cookie to avoid polluting the users (for example, open one popup tab per hour max.)
  • Possibility of choosing the kind of traffic to send : mobile, tablet, desktop.
  • Possibility of tracking the statistics via the addition of a tracker (1000 different trackers max.).
  • Possibility of adding a subaffiliate_tracker if you need more trackers (one tracker per visit, for example)
Offered langage
Only Javascript currently. Contact your salesperson!
This script must be placed anywhere between the <head></head> or <body></body> tags of your pages.
Known limitations of the tool
  • The pop up script does not work on Opera. No pop up is generated.
  • On the iPhone, the script is activated when the links on the page are clicked.
  • On Windows phone, the pop-up script opens the service in the current page without opening a new tab
  • The pop-up is launched when the user clicks on the page (according to the chosen frequency). It is thus possible for it to "take over" the other scripts on your page. For example, if you have a pop-up script and a banner: A user who clicks on the banner will in fact launch the pop-up, and thus its configuration (target, stat_tracker...). If the frequency is set to 0, this limit will be active the whole time, and it will be impossible to click on the banner. With a frequency set to 10 minutes, this limit will be active every 10 minutes (the pop-up will take over from the banner once every 10 minutes). In order to actually click on the banner the user will then have to click on it twice (once to launch the pop-up and reset the timer to 10 minutes, and once to actually click on the banner with its own configuration). 
Is another version of the tool available?
We can also offer this tool as a popunder, i.e. offering our services in an additional tab which opens behind your site. Contact your salesperson!!