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Android Application

We have developed an Android application offering our services. Therefore, the user can easily return to the service via a button that acts as a favorite in his/her phone menu. The script that we offer you here allows downloading of this application.
For which clients?
For those that already have a mobile site (or a website with specific access) in which they want to monetize the traffic and that don’t want sudden redirection.

Prerequisites: have at least one mobile site in its affil4you synthesis (created by affil4you or in white label)
Customization elements
The application includes the customization elements that are on the mobile site on which it is downloaded: logo, colors, list of contents, etc.
Offered langage
Only JavaScript. Contact your salesperson!

Android API

Android API is a tool that allows you to know if a VOD or dating application is available for a country and to retrieve the URLs for down-loading.
Open the following URL with the parameters you wish to know:
The API returns an array encoded in JSON.

  • If the requested application is not available, an array with a unique value:
 - status = 'KO' :
  • If the application is available, an array with 3 values:
  - status = 'OK'
  - apk_url = downloading url directly in urlencode
  - apk_page = url of the downloading page directly in urlencode

Offered langage
Only PHP. Contact your salesperson!